Friday, December 11, 2015

Time for Gingerbread!!!

You can purchase this product from my TPT store  at Della Larsen's Class

Here's my product Gingerbread Sight words.


  1. Your Center activities are really cute and seem to have high student interest and engagement. I don't know why, but I love the gingerbread activities the best. Who doesn't love the holidays and gingerbread men, right? : ) I think that it is great that you included a recipe for gingerbread play-doh, as well. It's nice to see your products in action.

  2. Thanks for sharing your play-doh recipe! I love that your learners use the play-doh to manipulate letters and spell words. Wonderful Christmas fun :)

  3. It is so hard to keep kids focused right before Christmas. These gingerbread activities will be great. I love that you have printables and something physical, like playdough, to go with it.