Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Using Flipped Lessons in Kindergarten

Are you using an intervention block? Do you need to increase reading fluency? Have you heard about flipped lesson? I've been reading about flipping your classroom for a while, but I just didn't see how it could work in kindergarten. It seemed to be an upper grade level tool.  In case you're new to the party, flipped lessons are basically a way to use video on the IPad or digital device to teach a lesson at home. Then the kids come back to school already having watched and they are ready for enrichment. It "flips" the traditional approach of direct instruction in class and then using homework for enrichment.
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But what about kindergarten? How can we use the technology to increase student engagement?
Well, I've been playing around with flipped lessons and I think I may be on to something! But of course we need to modify for kindergarten.  Flipping has been a game changer for me and my kids.

So, how do you do it? Like most things there's an app for that. I take a skill that my kids need more instruction with, and I create a video lesson on my IPad using the app Explain Everything. The lesson is basically what I would teach and how I would teach it, in a small group, with my kids.  Each lesson has some kind of printable. I put a QR code on the paper and the kids simply scan the code, and watch the video and complete the activity. You can try out my Spring Math FREEBIE here.
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It. Is. Awesome. My boss' jaw literally dropped when I showed her. You can use chrome books, IPads, you can even use a phone. Any device that has a screen and Wi-Fi will work. Can you see the possibilities? You can send the paper with the QR code home and the kids get additional practice at home. How many times have you said I wish I could model for my parents how I want them to help with homework? Guess what?  You can! This not only helps the kids, but it's like the parents are sitting in your class. Watching how you teach.
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Have you ever wanted to clone yourself? You just can't get to all the things you need to get to in a day. Well now you can. I need my lowest reading group to have daily practice with phoneme segmentation. But it takes time, and that is something I don't always have. Now I can make sure all my kids are getting the extra practice every day, and as you can imagine their skill level is increasing. I have never been as effective at getting my kids to reach their benchmarks as I have been since I started flipping.

I use the flipped lessons for individuals or small groups, but I also use them with my whole class. I project the video on the big screen and the kids are viewing a math lesson and I can have a minute to walk around and assess - or can you imagine, have a minute to clean my desk!

I'd love to hear about your experience with how you use flipped lessons. Let's increase reading fluency, and number sense, bu embracing technology in a new way. Please comment with any ideas or tricks you might have. I will be adding more flipped lessons to Della Larsen's Class on TPT so check back and see what's new.
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  1. I really want to try this! I'm going to try and figure this out tomorrow! I teach in Spanish, so I would create different types of lessons! I loved your blog post! Did you purchase the entire app or just use the free app. Thanks! I can't wait to learn more from you!

  2. Do you have a tutorial on how you created the video using the Explain Everything App???

    1. Hi Nallely,
      Sadly, I haven't made that video. I'll put it on the list:)

    2. I would love to see a lesson on how you created the video a well.

  3. This is incredible! Do you have any samples of your videos? I'd love to see how it looks.

  4. Do you have any samples of your videos?